POINTLUX IC Locking Rotation AR111 & Enclosed: Gyp

The POINTLUX IC Locking Rotation is a fully adjustable semi-recessed series of stemmed luminaires. The fixture utilizes either an MR16 or AR111 halogen lamp. POINTLUX IC fixtures can be used as accent lights or to highlight objects. Fixture design allows for interchangeability of any fixture profile in the POINTLUX IC family into the same housing. Closed ceiling cover plate can be used in place of a fixture.


Enclosed MRLUX and AR111 profiles have a machined ring and enclosed back cap design. All MR16 profiles are offered with either wallwash or object front end snoots. Object front end snoots have a step to accommodate additional accessories. For the Basic MRLUX the Ushio Reflekto MR16 lamp is recommended to reduce back spill.

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